Improving your productivity with Microsoft Office

It’s all about productivity: how quickly can we get things done?

Whether we want to or not, many of us have to work with Microsoft Office but sometimes there are “challenges”…, perhaps we’ve forgotten how to do a VLOOKUP or IF Statement in Excel, need a reminder on the finer points of a Word Mail Merge or get rid of those dodgy animations in PowerPoint.

For all of us, however, the key questions are usually: “can I do this more quickly or efficiently?” and “How can I be more productive?”

That’s the purpose of this Tips, Hints and Information Bulletin – to help improve your productivity whether through program tips, a Case Study or a “Guest Posting”. In many ways, improving your business can be about using technology more efficiently, but sometimes it’s also about “who you know” than “what you know” so I’ll be bringing one of my “Who’s” to share their “What’s” with you; I hope that you find that useful

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