Mixed Styles

Mixed Styles of Microsoft Office TrainingWhat do we mean by Mixed Styles of Microsoft Office training?

What makes us unique is our desire to provide you with customised training and support that covers what you want, tailored to your needs whether this is in terms of course content, duration or style. An example of what we did for one of our clients may help illustrate our Mixed Styles approach…

The client, part of Tameside Borough Council, wanted to produce a presentation to promote one of their initiatives. The solution we delivered took the form of a mix of consultancy, design, and skills training (both PC and Presentation skills).  This included…

  • An initial consultation about the aims and objectives of the presentation.
  • A session on designing and agreeing the content, including areas such as slides,handouts, props and other aids.
  • The production of a slide show that would run on any PC (even one without PowerPoint!).
  • Coaching and feedback on how to deliver the presentation.
  • Our presence at and continued support at the first presentation.
  • Subsequent ‘fine tuning’ of the material and slides.
  • Additional material and training aids so that the presentation can be used as part of a training session on the initiative.