Customised Training

customised Microsoft Office training Why use our customised Microsoft Office training?

Our Customised Microsoft Office training courses remove one of the key issues that many people have with training: How many times have you been on a course in which only 20 per cent during the middle of the day was useful? Or you use a training organisation that only offers a set ‘menu’ of courses – you can often find that you are sending staff on several courses when all they really need is a small amount of knowledge from each.

We prefer to deliver customised Microsoft Office training courses to make them better value for you and your Business.

What makes us unique is our desire to provide you with customised Microsoft Office training and support that covers what you want, tailored to your needs whether this is in terms of course content, duration or style. We deliver this in two ways: Mixed Applications and Mixed Styles

Some examples of this flexibility that we have delivered for our clients are…

  • Combining elements of Excel, Word and Outlook for a bespoke course on communicating effectively with your customers
  • Combining elements of Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level topics in Excel to create a bespoke course focused on Analysing Your Business
  • Spreading courses over two days allowing one group of delegates to attend mornings and the other afternoons so that a full day was not taken up with training
  • Mixing course styles during a week’s assignment
    for example…

    • one to one half day introduction to PC courses,
    • half day “refreshers”
    • working with Finance Manager to improve existing spreadsheets
    • working with Managing Director on one to one basis