Database Solutions

database solutionIt may be that you have a specific business process or requirement that would benefit from the creation of a database solution but do not have the time or knowledge to undertake the project with your own staff. This is where our team of developers can help you to produce a cost effective solution.

One of the major benefits of using an independent third party such as ourselves to assist in the development of a database solution is that we can bring a fresh approach to the project. This allows us to blend our database knowledge and experience to the client’s specific business knowledge resulting in the most effective solution for the client; a direct consequence of this may well be to invest in an “off the shelf” package such as ACT!  or a “Cloud-based” system instead of creating your own Customer Relationship Management Database, saving money in the process!

Some examples of database solutions that we have built or helped modify for clients have included the following…

  • Quotation system allowing structured quotations to be made quickly and accurately with the option of matching suppliers’ invoices to the quote ensuring that costs are not exceeded
  • Project management system
  • Credit control management system linked to an external accounting package recording debtor days outstanding, overdue debts, credit reports and a record of credit control action taken
  • Search and find system allowing replacement parts to be easily found within a plant where a critical part has failed
  • Work progression and management system allowing the client to monitor progress of customers work through their system
  • Sales & Gross margin reporting system