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Use AutoCorrect in Word to increase accuracy and speed

How to speed up your typing with Word’s AutoCorrect feature AutoCorrect can not only speed up your typing by allowing you to create shortcuts, it can also help prevent regular spelling errors that you make. If you find yourself typing long words again and again, you should consider setting up typing shortcuts, so you only […]

The Curse of the cAPS lOCK key

The curse of the cAPS lOCK key and how to solve it OK, so admit it… we’ve all done it… started typing with the CAPS LOCK key on & only noticing that after a paragraph or two we’ve typed… vIDEO PROVIDES A POWERFUL WAY TO HELP YOU PROVE YOUR POINT. wHEN YOU CLICK oNLINE vIDEO, […]

Removing Leading & Trailing spaces in Word

How to remove leading and trailing spaces in Microsoft Word Leading & trailing spaces Sometimes (either because we’ve copied the text from elsewhere or we’ve used the spacebar when we didn’t mean to) we can generate a lot of extra spaces both at the start and end of paragraphs. This can make your document look […]