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Dealing with multiple slide masters

Multiple Slide Masters You can end up with multiple slide masters in your PowerPoint presentation in two ways – intentionally (and there are two ways that this can happen) and unintentionally (in which case, you may want to remove one or more of them). You’ll recall that in last month’s PowerPoint tip we talked about […]

Using the Slide Master

When watching a PowerPoint presentation, one of those little irritations you can get is when a logo in the corner of a slide moves around. It doesn’t need to be much, but just enough to be distracting; or perhaps it’s the Slide heading that moves a little, or is slightly smaller or further to one […]

Matching colours with PowerPoint’s Eyedropper tool

So you’re creating your PowerPoint presentation and you realise that the colour of the text or shape that you’ve used isn’t quite the same colour as your logo and that spoils the “Corporate” effect; or, perhaps, you’d like to match the colour to a program logo if you’re writing about it (Excel Green, Word Blue […]

Creating new slides quickly & effectively

Creating new slides can be a painless process… … if you let it! By using the basic slide outlines that PowerPoint provides you with, you can save a lot of time – especially if you need to change how it looks Œ When creating a new slide…  … consider using the preformatted slide templates […]

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint I’m sure that we’ve all suffered “Death by PowerPoint” where the presenter reads from the screen words that are so small as to be illegible; we’re woken up by “flashy” screen transitions, and by the 94th slide we’re ready for screaming! Hopefully, these notes will go some way to resolving this […]

How to remind yourself of the last item on a PowerPoint slide

The final bullet on a PowerPoint slide This isn’t one of mine, but a tip that I picked up whilst on a training session run by the Business to Business networking group that I belong to ( & it came from Paul Heath, from Ethical Business Mentoring Ltd ( who was running the session. Use […]