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Working with Sheets

Working with Sheets Depending on which version of Excel you use, when creating a new workbook, there will usually be either one or three blank sheets (or Tabs) entertainingly named Sheet1, Sheet2 & Sheet3. These can be added to, deleted, renamed & coloured as necessary Adding a new Sheet (Tab) By far the quickest & […]

Freeze titles for added visibility in Excel

Freezing Titles (or panes) Whenever you’re working with a lot of data, you can find that when you scroll down your spreadsheet, your headings disappear. By understanding how to freeze panes in your worksheet, you’ll be able to work quickly without the need to continually scroll up or to the left. You may want to see certain rows […]

BODMAS and why it’s important to understand it in Excel

BODMAS BODMAS is a way of remembering the order of operation that Excel follows when it evaluates values in a formula. BODMAS stands for: B – Brackets O – Order (Indices such as 22 etc.) D – Division (in an Excel formula we use a /) M – Multiplication (in an Excel formula we use […]