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Editing PowerPoint Shows

PowerPoint has a really useful feature: being able to save Presentations as “Shows”. These allow people without PowerPoint on their computer to still watch the presentation. The downside is that they’re not, on the face of it, editable. And that was the problem that a colleague in the networking group that I attend ( contacted […]

Remove all formatting in Word

It’s the nightmare that we’ve all had: you’ve opened a document in Word, started to edit it and “it’s all gone wrong” which can usually be translated as the look & feel (or Formatting”) of the document isn’t working how you want it to (especially in bulleted lists). This is usually as a result of […]

Insert blank rows in Excel

To insert blank rows in an Excel spreadsheet is a relatively straightforward process, as is inserting a block of consecutive rows, but what if you need to insert them alternatively? If it’s a small spreadsheet, than that’s fine, you can work your way down it, but what if the spreadsheet has already got lots of […]

Using SmartArt to liven up your presentation

I’m sure that we’ve all sat there captivated bored by a PowerPoint presentation that consists of slide after slide of bullet points where a little thought and use of SmartArt could completely change the look & feel of the whole presentation allowing the presenter to re-engage with their audience. So, what is SmartArt? A SmartArt […]

Losing the blank last page in Word

So here’s the scenario… you’ve written your document, it’s looking good, except for the fact that there’s a blank page in the middle of your document and also a blank last page of your document… neither of which you seem able to remove. You could, of course, choose to print only select pages, but that […]

Dealing with increased file size in Excel due to Excess Cell Formatting

When formatting your Excel spreadsheet (changing colours, backgrounds, gridlines, alignment, etc) how you do it can have a massive impact on its file size. What’s more you may even be unaware of the impact (being honest, how many of us actually check file sizes on a regular basis?). Fortunately, there’s a way to help reduce […]

Creating an interactive menu with Zoom Slide in PowerPoint

In last month’s tip we created some Sections within our Presentation to pull together slides into logical groupings, we’re now going to make use of those, via a Zoom slide in PowerPoint to create an interactive menu Here we can see 5 of the sections in our presentation… Using a Zoom Slide As we’re going […]

Printing address labels with MailMerge

In addition to all the “techie” stuff that I do, I’m also the Membership Secretary for a national road transport modelling group & each quarter a full colour, A5 sized printed magazine goes out to all members. As I have the contact details, I produce the address labels that go onto the envelopes. Recently, I’ve […]

Analysing data with Excel Pivot Tables

In the past couple of tips, we’ve looked at how to create Tables & use the tools that then become available (such as Filters and Slicers) to begin to extract information from the data that we hold. We’re now going to look at how to take this much further by looking at Pivot Tables. What […]

Sections in your slideshow

Break up your presentation into Sections You may recall that back in October’s tips for Word we looked at setting up Sections to allow a change between Portrait & Landscape mode in a document; if not, here’s a link: We can similarly use Sections in a PowerPoint slide show to break it down into […]