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Case Study: Hyde Community College

The Client’s problem Hyde Community College (HCC) is a secondary school in Tameside with almost 1,000 pupils. In common with many commercial businesses, HCC makes extensive use of data; analysing, amongst other things, pupils’ performance data in assessments & examinations. The raw data is derived from a download from an external system which is then […]

Case Study: Printerbase Ltd

The Client’s problem Printerbase is a very successful printer, print consumables & stationery supplies company. Peter, the MD had realised that one of the issues that was constraining the growth & development of the company was him! He’d realised that whilst he was the “Key” person in the business, he’d become a “bottleneck” so, amongst […]

Case Study: Gericke Ltd

Summary Using Excel to create a configurator tool to speed up quotations The Client’s problem Gericke Ltd. produce sifters, mainly for the food industry. Each model that they manufacture can have over 20 features that can be selected and various logical rules impact on which combinations are allowed. This, of course, means that the physical […]

BODMAS and why it’s important to understand it in Excel

BODMAS BODMAS is a way of remembering the order of operation that Excel follows when it evaluates values in a formula. BODMAS stands for: B – Brackets O – Order (Indices such as 22 etc.) D – Division (in an Excel formula we use a /) M – Multiplication (in an Excel formula we use […]

Case study: DSL Engineering

Summary Using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to generate effective management dashboards The Client’s problem The client, an engineering company, produced lots of statistical data about their business: the amount of work invoiced, the number of jobs completed, work in progress, new quotations, etc, but it was all held in separate spreadsheets making analysis time consuming & […]

Case Study: Ashford & Co – Chartered Accountants

Summary Using Excel and Word to allow an effective MailMerge saving time, effort and money The Client’s problem On a regular basis, this accountant sends out a printed newsletter to each of his clients; following each budget, he also sends out a “Tax Facts” card. Periodically during the year, he also sends out specific information […]

Case Study: Adrian Cunningham LLB ACA – Chartered Accountant

Summary Creating a Powerpoint presentation to help with a client rebranding The Client’s problem Accountants have always “suffered” with a perception of being “boring” & “grey” – all courtesy of the Monty Python sketch: “The Vocational Guidance Counsellor”. So, when we were approached by a colleague from that profession, we were pleased to note that […]

Case Study: Steel Stockholder

Summary Using Excel spreadsheets more efficiently to reduce manual input and speed up the generation of information The Client’s problem Client had a number of spreadsheets with totals needing to be copied from one to another to allow input of rebates from suppliers & calculation of final Gross margin. During the existing processes, sales significantly […]