Creating an interactive menu with Zoom Slide in PowerPoint

In last month’s tip we created some Sections within our Presentation to pull together slides into logical groupings, we’re now going to make use of those, via a Zoom slide in PowerPoint to create an interactive menu

Here we can see 5 of the sections in our presentation…

Using a Zoom Slide

As we’re going to Insert a Zoom slide, we’ll naturally find the feature under the Insert Tab

The first thing to insert is a Summary Zoom…

Because we’ve already set up the various Sections, Zoom has used the first slide in each section as the key ones for the Summary Zoom slide

Once we have clicked Insert, a new slide (and Section) is created at the beginning of our presentation. Whilst in Normal view, each of the slide thumbnails are merely images

However, once we begin to run the presentation as a SlideShow, they become “clickable” (as you can see from the “pointing finger” and when clicked will immediately zoom (or jump to that slide. At the end of that section, the slideshow returns to the zoom slide

Formatting the Zoom Slide

When in Normal view, selecting the border around the zoom slides opens up the Zoom Tools Tab which provides a range of formatting options, including the ability to decide whether to return to the Zoom Summary slide when reaching the end of a Section or not

In addition, if you select one of the slide thumbnails, then the Change Image icon becomes available & you could use a completely different image, rather than the slide thumbnail

The Change Image option opens the Insert Pictures option for you to find the ideal image to introduce that section of your slideshow