Placeholder text in PowerPoint

Placeholder text to help with drafting your presentation

There will be times when, whilst you might have decided on the topics of your presentation, you’ve still not sorted out all of the detailed text that you want to include – perhaps you’ve an image & you need to find an ideal quotation that sums up what you’re trying to say so you might choose to have some placeholder text to help you get the layout sorted first.

Sometimes, it can be enough to have a simple text box with the words “My text here” (or equivalent) in it

As it’s November, I’ve picked a suitably evocative photo that I took one evening at the Thiepval Memorial on the Somme during my first visit to France. As you can see, I know what I want to the right of the image & I’ve even used the sizing options to give an idea of what it will look like, however, with only a single row of text, it looks a little odd.

So, whilst I’m finishing off my presentation & then doing a “Google” to get the correct text, is there a quick way of getting some placeholder text in to fill out that box?

Of course there is…

Generating random text

There are two ways that we can generate random placeholder text

Generate lorem ipsum Text in a Shape or Text Box

Very often when using PowerPoint, you quickly add placeholders to show where the text is going to be. For random text, you can go to a website and copy paste the famous lorem ipsum paragraph, but you can also generate it directly from PowerPoint and save a few minutes!

Just pick any shape, type “=lorem(x)” (where x is the number of paragraphs of placeholder text that you want) and hit Enter.


Generate random text

Alternatively, if you are not fond of Latin, you can use the “=rand(x,y)” function instead. Type “=rand(2,3)” to generate placeholder text with 2 paragraphs with 3 sentences each. Your shape will be filled with random text, preventing you from one more copy-paste.


You can then go & find the “real” text or quote that you want