Changing case in Excel

Changing case to help printing

I’ve recently been doing some consultancy work which has involved copying some data from another software program into Excel. Unfortunately, the text was all in upper case & not only is this difficult to read, it physically takes up more space, so I decided to change its case it to a more readable format & at the same time reduce the space it took up. You may recall that in Word, there’s a simple button on the HOME Tab that allows us to do this (; in Excel we have to use a function in changing case of selected text

Figure 1 With capital letters, column A is 36.22 or 333 pixels wide

PROPER() Function

Using the PROPER Function allows us to use lower case for all but the initial letters…

It simply asks us to reference the cell that has our text in it.

Copying this down & increasing the column width appropriately gives us…

Figure 2 Text reduced to lower case letters with initial first capital letters

… a 17% reduction in the required column width. The benefit of this comes both from improved readability and especially when printing as the sheet is more likely to fit on a page, or require less reduction to fit

Related functions

There are two related functions to PROPER…

UPPER() Function

This converts the selected text to all uppercase

LOWER() Function

This converts the selected text to all lowercase