Nudging around the PowerPoint Grid

Using Gridlines for better positioning

A little while back, we looked at the various ways of lining up images relative to each other ( , however, there will be times when there’s only one image or you want to overlay a number of images & so that method won’t work. Fortunately, help is at hand on the VIEW command in PowerPoint where we can add Gridlines onto the PowerPoint window…

You’ve now got a set of gridlines to allow you to set things up exactly where you want them to be

Changing the grid

It may be that the default grid size isn’t small enough for what you’re wanting to achieve. In that case, click the expand button in the show group…

This opens the Grid and Guides dialog box

The other thing to consider at this point is the Snap Objects to Grid option – the first item in the dialog box

Snap to Grid

Selecting this option means that when you’re moving objects around on your PowerPoint slide, they will move in the increments that your grid is in; this means it can be far easier to line things up exactly.

On your PC screen, it’s sometimes difficult to see the difference unless you have the zoom set quite high… but of course, this becomes far more obvious once you’re running your presentation through a projector…