A novel use of Find & Replace

Using Find & Replace to solve a date problem

Excel’s Find & Replace feature (which you’ll find by clicking on the “Find & Select” button on the far right-hand side of the Home Tab) can be used in many ways… to replace names, codes, products, etc however one use that I’ve found for it is in sorting out some dates which weren’t really dates.

Rather than using a “/” or “-” to separate the parts of a date (to give 18/10/2017 for example, they’d used a “.” resulting in 18.10.2017)

Unfortunately, this means Excel treated the entries as text, not dates. If it was one or two dates, it would have been quick enough to simply retype, unfortunately, there were lots hence the decision to use Find & Replace.

To correct this, we need to Œselect the entries, choose Find>Replace from the Home Tab & in the dialog box that appears enter “.” In the Find andŽ “/” in the replace boxes (without the quote marks) then click Replace All and finally, having clicked “OK” on the dialog box that appears to let you know how many entries have been replaced, Close

The resulting entries are now all “real” dates.