Case study: DSL Engineering


Using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to generate effective management dashboards

The Client’s problem

DSL Engineering - Excel dashboardThe client, an engineering company, produced lots of statistical data about their business: the amount of work invoiced, the number of jobs completed, work in progress, new quotations, etc, but it was all held in separate spreadsheets making analysis time consuming & difficult. This also meant that whilst they had lots of data, they had little information.

How we solved it

We created a single spreadsheet to pull all of the information collated together. From this we then produced a series of charts to show the information in a much more user-friendly way. We then created a series of custom views (driven by macros) to allow them quickly switch from data input to a review of the current month’s information. These charts were then grouped together to form a single dashboard for the company.

The benefits for the client

The data that was collected is now presented quickly and in an informative way via the dashboard allowing a clear picture of activity & progress to be ascertained. In turn, this allows key decisions to be quickly taken based upon accurate & up to date clear information.