Case Study: Ashford & Co – Chartered Accountants


Using Excel and Word to allow an effective MailMerge saving time, effort and money

The Client’s problem

Ashford and Co - MailmergeOn a regular basis, this accountant sends out a printed newsletter to each of his clients; following each budget, he also sends out a “Tax Facts” card. Periodically during the year, he also sends out specific information to sub-groups of his client base pointing out relevant information.

In order to do this, he would have to go through each of his client’s files to check their contact details & any specific information that they needed to be informed of. This was very time consuming

How we solved it

We created a simple Excel database that not only listed his clients & contact details, but also grouped which information they needed to be aware of, for example “Pensions”, “Rental Income”, “Company Annual Return due”. We then created some standard template letters which we linked to the database via Word’s MailMerge feature allowing him to quickly generate any necessary letters filtering out any as required.

We also showed him how to perform the MailMerge “from scratch” to allow him to create his own new letters where necessary

The benefits for the client

Many hours of manual work was now saved by a much more streamlined process. In addition, he could be certain that the correct letters were sent to the correct clients with a much reduced chance of human error creeping in.

In addition, the Excel spreadsheet can now be used for additional marketing processes and client management.