Testimonial from Boole’s Tools

Solving Excel Spreadsheet problems

If ever you encounter a problem with a spreadsheet, Colin is the person to sit down with. He will take the time to listen to the relevant problem, deal with it specifically, not go around the houses on a ‘hidden agenda’. Once he has figured out the solution he gets you to work through the problem so that you will understand how to deal with it the next time. If at first he does not succeed he will patiently go through the problem until you do.

Spreadsheets aside he will tailor his training to suit your or your business needs. He has sat down with members of my staff to deal with a number of issues they have had from “how do I turn this thing on” to “can I really use the CD drive as a cup holder”.

If you are thinking of using Colin I can thoroughly recommend him.

Neil Walker – Managing Director – Boole’s Tools Ltd