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…providing tailored Microsoft Office training, design and support on issues important to you and your organisation.

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These are, we believe, key areas to the development and survival of an organisation in today’s world irrespective of the sector that they operate in. We offer these services to all sizes of organisation. A summary of how we can help is set out below, or you can use the navigation above to take you directly to your specific area of interest.

If you have any queries, please feel free to drop us a line using the email facility on the contact details page or call us – you can find our number opposite

We have a simple philosophy: our services will save you at least a whole day per person per month. How much more revenue could you generate for your business in that time (or maybe have an enjoyable holiday instead!)? Isn’t that something worth having a chat about?


TrainingPrimarily we focus on providing tailored Microsoft Office training for clients and individuals.

What makes us unique is our desire to provide you with training that covers what you want, tailored to your needs, rather than someone else’s menu.

We can offer either standard courses which follow a logical progression from Foundation topics to Advanced allowing the learner to increase and improve their skills in a logical and structured format, alternatively, our Customised courses allow focus on specific tasks or roles ensuring that key elements are covered.


CreateHowever, we appreciate that sometimes it makes more sense for us to do it for you so we provide a build and design service for the software and skills we train on.

It may be that you have a few members of staff on holiday, ill, or in the process of being recruited and you just need that little bit of extra resource.

Or you may want a professional look to your presentation and you haven’t got a clue where to start.

For a one off item like a presentation or database it may not be cost effective for you to spend several days learning the intricacies of Microsoft PowerPoint or Access and then spending days creating the presentation or database yourself…

We can do it in a fraction of the time you could (after all we are sure that you can provide your core service or product far more quickly and effectively than we could hope to…).

You will find in the links below some examples of what we have created for clients..


SupportWe offer telephone, email or one to one support when you need it, allowing you to focus on your business knowing that our knowledgeable staff are there to help. we also offer an IT Surgery at clients’ premises where their staff are able to book appointments to clear up specific issues such as…

  • How do I use an IF or VLOOKUP function?
  • How do I do a Mail Merge?
  • How do I create an Email Signature?

But what if you don’t know what you require?

Sometimes it can be difficult to formulate exactly what you want. In our experience its best to start with your objectives – what I am trying to achieve ? What do we need to do that we are not doing now ?

Use the contact form to drop us a line or why not give us a ring and we can talk through the issues that are important to you and give you an honest answer as to whether we can help.